Clarity & Confidence in English

Accent management

for non-native English speakers 

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Simon Gfeller

Accent management coach

Based in Cambridge (U.K), I help corporate clients and members of the student and academic community improve on their clarity and intelligibility in English.


Unlike other teachers who dwell on endless theory, I get straight to the point and help you manage your accent by:


Evaluating your accent by creating your unique "Sound Map"


Packaging your "tricky sounds" into digestible patterns


Addressing those patterns strategically for optimal results



Sounds familiar?

"I'm frequently asked to repeat things..."
"I lack confidence at work as my command of English does not reflect my expertise."
"I have to give presentations in English regularly..."


Simon Gfeller to give online talk for MacMillan Education's Global Festival in February 2021

Stay tuned for more details!

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 What is accent management?  

Often referred to as accent reduction or accent softening, accent management helps people improve on clarity, intelligibility and confidence in English. It tackles issues related to diction, vocal reliability, communication skills, presentation skills and overall vocal confidence generally in people for whom  English is a second-language.


However, anyone who feels their current level of fluency prevents them from communicating effectively either for professional or personal reasons could benefit from accent management training.

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Through a series of targeted tutorials, I help my clients correct the tricky sounds and patterns that prevent the individual from being understood.


An example would be the tendency of Spanish speakers to pronounce "V" sounds like a "B" sound for instance.

Both native and non-native users may need it and for a variety of reasons.

"My goal is to empower you in your use of English so that your language skills are no longer an obstacle to your personal or professional horizons. My work as an accent  management coach will be delivered with a focus on building clarity and confidence. This will be done in full respect and acknowledgement of your personal & cultural identity."

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